How to Get Pregnant With a Baby Boy? A Simple Guide

Mostly a very common question of all the mothers. How to get pregnant with a baby girl or a baby boy. Most of the people in the world want to have a baby of one particular gender but since it is something which cannot be totally controlled, most of the parents are happy to have a healthy and strong baby irrespective of the gender.

There are a number of ways to conceive a baby boy and some of these only include foods and herbs or plants. However don’t be entirely dependent on these solutions as there is no 100% guarantee but trying these may upsurge the odds of conceiving a baby boy.

1. Get Intimate more often

if you frequently engage in sex, it can increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy. As with this the male sperm has a good chance to fertilize the ovum.

2. Pay Attention to your diet

If you want to conceive a healthy baby, you need to stop your alcohol intake. And if you want a healthy baby boy, increase your liking for alkaline drinks and beverages. With this the pH of the women’s reproductive tract will have a pleasant environment for the male sperm to survive. Also alcohol boosts the production of female hormones in the body of women and men alike so you and your partner should refrain from alcohol for some time.

3. Sexual Positions

These play a very important role as for a male sperm to reach the egg it requires a deep penetration because female sperms are very quick as compared to male sperms. So to outrun the girl sperm, positions like doggy style and standing up are recommended as these provide for deep penetration and if the sperm is released closer to the cervix, chances of male sperm finding the egg are very bright.

4. Underpants of your partner

the underpants a man wears surely plays a significant role in sperm production. Boxer shorts are better for the male sperm as the area doesn’t get too warn to restrict the sperm production.

5. Energy drinks before sex

you must have a cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate as it is known to help production of male sperms. Caffeine may help the male sperms a lot.

6. T0iming

very crucial point in case you want a baby boy. You should not indulge in sex at least 24 hours before your ovulation day. It is known the male sperm dies in case you get intimate in days prior to ovulation. You can download mobile applications where you can track your fertile days.


The theories mentioned above are backed up by science however are not 100% full proof. One must always look forward to have a healthy baby. However the additional tips are that you can eat almonds, cherries, sprouts and avocados. Have more potassium laden foods like banana, potatoes and spinach. Avoid dairy products and avoid alcohol and smoking as it is injurious to yours as well as your baby.

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