What Happens When You Eat Expired Food?

Mostly foods come with an expiration date even if they are organic or canned. So their effects could be minimal to huge depending up on what and when you eat it. Any kind of food should be consumed within the time frame or else it loses its nutritional value and can cause severe health issues. One should know how to comprehend the date labels on the food. Expiration of a food item is not an immediate process.

It happens gradually so if the “Consume Before” date is mentioned it doesn’t mean the food will go waste past this date but it denotes that the quality and the nutritional value has deteriorated. The body reacts differently to the food which is expired.

expired food

Below are few discomforts that you might have to go through in case you eat expired food.

1. Food poisoning

usually the first discomfort people suffer from after they eat any kind of expired food. The expired food contains bacteria which can lead to illness, vomiting and dehydration. This condition may last a few days or even hours depending on the severity of the problem. Usually this happens if you eat expired meat items.

2. Illness 

eating expired food may lead to many illnesses like diarrhea and stomach infection.

3. Bacterial growth in the body 

These expired foods can lead to a bacterial growth in the body as the body loses its immunity gradually and slowly. Some people have the habit of cutting off the fungal growth from the bread and consuming it. This is again a very dangerous habit.

4. Change in taste 

you might feel a sudden change in your taste buds as soon as you eat something which is considerably gone bad. The quality of the food declines at a very fast rate so you might not find it toothsome like before.

How can you check whether the food is expired or not?

1. Smell

you can probably smell the food. If there is a foul stench you can understand that it is no longer safe to consume. This stench denotes that the fermentation has begun which means it could be unsafe for you to consume.

2. Fungi

you might be able to see a white or a light green fungi built up on your breads and other eatables. It surely means that the food is deteriorated.

3. Recook 

you can probably put the food on stove again to check if the food is still eatable or not. If the food cannot be consumed there will be a layer of small bubbles on it.

4. Taste 

you can check if there is a sour taste in the food. It denotes that it has expired.


Expired food is certainly not a safe bet to consume. But some of the expired food items can be even used to make other food items. For example – sour milk can be used to make cheese and yoghurt. Food borne illness will keep coming and will make your stomach extremely weak thus it is recommended to either consume fresh food or just consume it before the expiration date.

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