Why Is Spicy Food So Good For You?

In earlier times, eating food items rich in spices were known to increase the risk of stomach ulcers and discomfort. But as the new research shows, it is becoming more and more evident that spicy food are actually good for health. The compounds in spicy foods are known to improve the health. Though they do give you a strange kind of pleasure and your tongue starts to burn but guess it is good to endure if there are health benefits clubbed with it.

The following are the major health benefits of eating spicy food:

Is Spicy Food Good

1. Weight loss

one of the vital health benefits of eating spicy food is that it helps in losing weight. The spicy food boosts the metabolism and thus leads to burning of fat.

2. Appetite control

After you consume spicy food, you might feel that your appetite is decreased and you are not craving food like before. It helps in lowering the amount of calories you eat therefore helping in weight loss and appetite control.

3. Cancer prevention

if the research is to be believed, it is said that the cancer cells are blocked if you consume spicy food. Capsaicin which is a component found in chilies is known to be an irritant for human beings and people feel a burning sensation if any of their bodily tissues come in contact with it. So it hampers the cancer cells and leaves the normal cells intact.

4. Pain Reliever

Usually doctors prescribe gel or an ointment which has the right amount of Capsaicin so if you are suffering from horrible pain caused by shingles or arthritis and even migraine, you can visit your nearby pharmacy and grab this ointment.

5. Healthy heart

It is known that people who are fond of eating spicy food are potent in resisting heart strokes or attacks. Since the Capsaicin fights inflammation and decrease the effect of bad cholesterol in the body, it promotes hearty and healthy living.

6. Controlling blood pressure

Chili is very resourceful in controlling the blood pressure as the heat released on consuming these food items increases the blood flow in the body. Which strengthens your cardiovascular system.

7. Improving the sex life

Spicy food items like Ginseng is known to improve and boost your sex life as they boosts hormones such as Serotonin which is a feel good hormone.

How much spicy food is good enough?

Spicy foods should be consumed at the maximum thrice a week as per the reports suggested from various researchers across the world.

What spices are good?

Generally all the spices are considered good. Few of them that you can use while cooking are cinnamon as it improves the metabolism, black pepper as it blocks built up of fatty cells, ginger as it plays an important role in weight management and ginseng as it boosts energy level.

Best time to have spicy food

You can have spicy food all the time barring the dinner. As it decreases your appetite for the next meal and if you have lot of spices in dinner and then sleep your body will grow extremely tired before the next meal. Also, you would not want to have the burning sensation while you are going to hit the bed. It might keep you up all night.

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